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Patents & Innovations

Dr. Subhash Chandra Parija, Vice Chancellor, Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth has applied for 1 Granted and 1 applied Patent . The first patent titled Rapid Response Disaster Relief Medical Camp Kit (RR DRM KIT) “with an Indian Patent Application No : 201941002369 was granted patent by Government of India on 22.1.2022 is an invention discloses a comprehensive and compact Rapid & Response Disaster Relief Medical Kit which can be used for health relief for the human affected by any disaster (Natural or Man-made). This invention has been commercialized with a technology transfer to a start-up “M/s Sai Supreme Medifurn” on 11th September 2020. 

The second patent titled “Clinical Hammer Cum torch Light” with an Indian Patent Application No 201941005841 dated 14.2.2019 is invention discloses a novel and universal clinical hammer cum torch for complete neurological examination of a patient.

37 Copyright has been filed in health professional education and  administrative polices which is has to followed in any health university .


S.No.TitleDiary NumberDate of Registration
1Administrative Policy Statement of the Policy Titled Salutogenesis Implementation and Standard Operating Procedure for Salutogenesis17339/2018-Co/L14.12.18
2SBV Policy on ‘Substance’ Abuse and Prevention, Eradication of the Menace17341/2018-Co/L 14.12.18
3Filing System for Archiving Of Documents at the Examination Wing, SBV15417/2019-Co/L 29.09.19
4MASCOT Ms. Comini 11386/2020-CO/A 15.08.20
6SBV Policy For Holding Condolence Meetings To Mourn The Demise Of The Members Of SBV Family28836/2021-CO/L30.12.2021
7SBV Policy And Guidelines On Deferment Of Studies/Leave Of Absence From Studies - 201929196/2021-CO/L2021-03-12
8SBV Policy For Grievance Redressal Related To Evaluation29917/2021-CO/L11.12.2021
9SBV Policy On Career Advancement For Recognising Special Awardees29920/2021-CO/L11.12.2021
10SBV Policy On Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)29925/2021-CO/L11.12.2021
11SBV Policy On Protection Of Human Rights29926/2021-CO/L11.12.2021
12SBV Policy On Reservations In Admissions Of Candidates To Various Undergraduate Programmes Offered At SBV29927/2021-CO/L11.12.2021
13SBV Policy On Scholarship, Freeship And Fee Waiver, Research Promotion Scheme29931/2021-CO/L11.12.2021
14SBV Policy On Welfare Schemes For Non – Teaching Employees29933/2021-CO/L11.12.2021
15SBV Policy On Welfare Schemes For Teaching Employees29934/2021-CO/L11.12.2021
16SBV Policy On Health Care Incubation & Start-Up30013/2021-CO/L13.12.2021
17SBV Policy For Sponsored Clinical Trial Of Drugs And Devices208/2022-CO/L2022-04-01
18SBV Policy For Transgender Employment210/2022-CO/L2022-04-01
19SBV Policy On Faculty Development Programs216/2022-CO/L2022-04-01
20SBV Policy On Gender Care251/2022-CO/L2022-05-01
21SBV Policy On Patient Care254/2022-CO/L2022-05-01
22SBV Policy On Quality256/2022-CO/L2022-05-01
23SBV Policy For Students Needing Additional Curricular Support (SNACS) & Students Needing Enriched Circular Support (SNECS)257/2022-CO/L2022-05-01
24SBV Policy On Student Support258/2022-CO/L2022-05-01
25SBV Policy On Uniform Protocol For Conduct Of Fellowships260/2022-CO/L2022-05-01
26SBV Policy On Consultancy1199/2022-CO/L19-01-2022
27SBV Policy On International Student Support1201/2022-CO/L19-01-2022
28SBV Policy On Prevention Of Sexual Harassment Of Women Employees And Students1206/2022-CO/L19-01-2022
29SBV Policy On The Management Of Estates1209/2022-CO/L19-01-2022
30SBV Policy On Uniform Protocol For Conduct Of Interdisciplinary Certificate Courses1218/2022-CO/L19-01-2022
31SBV Policy For Research Promotion1220/2022-CO/L19-01-2022
32SBV Policy For Enhancing Student Outcomes1333/2022-CO/L21-01-2022
33SBV Policy On Bio Medical Waste And General Waste Segregation 1351/2022-CO/L21.01.2022
34SBV Policy On Curbing The Menance Of Ragging1358/2022-CO/L21.01.2022
35SBV Policy On The Maintenance Of Hygiene, Cleanliness In The Campus And Surroundings1365/2022-CO/L21.01.2022
36SBV Policy On Media And Publicity1370/2022-CO/L21.01.2022
37SBV Policy On Women Empowerment – WE@ SBV1478/2022-CO/L23.01.2022

Administrative Policy Statement of the Policy Titled Salutogenesis Implementation and Standard Operating Procedure for Salutogenesis, Diary Number: 17339/2018-Co/L, Dated (14.12.18).

SBV Policy on ‘Substance’ Abuse and Prevention, Eradication of the Menace  Diary Number: 17341/2018-Co/L, Dated (14.12.18).

Filing System for Archiving Of Documents at the Examination Wing, SBV, and Diary Number: 15417/2019-Co/L, Dated (29.9.19).